[META] Do we still want http://www.wilsego.com/racc ?

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Mon Jul 12 19:59:51 PDT 2004

In article <3898035E-D43D-11D8-A2ED-0050E4EEE962 at intrinsix.net>,
Wil Alambre  <wil at intrinsix.net> wrote:
>I was going to update http://www.wilsego.com/racc to better intergrate 
>with my main website redesign. The question is, with the new Beta 
>Google Groups looking better, is there still a need?

     Yes, to the extent that we really "need" anything with respect to a
hobby.  :)

     The new Google layout is better, yes.  But WE|RACC has the distinct
advantage of pulling out the actual stories and featuring them, rather than
sprinkling them in among the discussion threads.  The covers are a nice plus
as well.  I also like how significant events can be put in the sidebar and
remain visible for much longer than the rest of the discussion.

     Dave Van Domelen, posting ASH #50 on Sunday....

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