[Rev] End of Month Reviews - June 2004

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Thu Jul 1 02:44:53 PDT 2004

On 1 Jul 2004, Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Net.Elementalist (Barry's costumed alter-ego) running around as well. The
> Net.E is currently an obsessive and cranky camper fighting a horde of
> demons in Net.York, and in the ensuing fight scene with the demon's
> leader, Karmic Death, the Net.E quite casually prepares to sacrifice the
> lives of everybody in order to destroy the villain.

And he just asked me to say that if you continue to abbreviate his name,
that won't be the only thing around here "that's been butchered with only
the remains lying around like a three-week old dead fish" (such charming
language). It's "the Net.Elementalist" or simply "Net.Elementalist"...

I told him to go lie down for a while, but he just stalked off muttering
something about flames and killfiles...

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