[Precog] KnightsBridge Precogs for Jan. 2004

Time Warrior lord_soldeed at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 07:16:10 PST 2004

Yes, I'm back now.  And I'm actually setting deadlines for myself,
too.  Maybe it will work this time.  Maybe.

Coming this week:  Ultimate Mercenary #3
"It didn't make me cringe."--Thom Russell, Jr. on Ultimate Mercenary
An (incredibly belated) Flame Wars VI crossover!  Ultimate Mercenary
is trapped in a nightmare alternate future ruled by genetically
engineered vegetables.  Can he succeed in rallying his troops to fight
them?  Will the plot actually develop?  Find out in part 3 of "The
Genetically Engineered Vegatables of Wrath!"

Coming next week:  System Corruptors #31, featuring Professor Perhap
Yes, I know issues 27-29 were skipped, but this is #31 because it
follows up on Arsenal's #30.  In that issue, Professor Perhap was
killed by (someone posing as) Lagneto and the Brotherhood.  But, like
any net.villain worthy of the name, he left behind a legacy...

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