[ASH] Urns feeler

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Thu Jan 8 12:15:54 PST 2004

     Allo, folks.  With awards season upon us, I'm checking the waters to see
if there's enough voters out there to make it worth holding the Urns Awards
this year.  Last year, as you may recall, I cancelled the Urns after getting
only four votes by the deadline.  I've already posed this issue on the ASH
Yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ash_stories/), but figured I'd do
it here as well, in case there's people who read ASH Universe stories but
aren't signed up for the Yahoo group.

     So, here's the question:

     Would you vote in an Urns award balloting, and if so, what's your
preference for coverage?

1) Yes, for 2002-3 combined.
2) Yes, for 2002 and 2003 separately.
3) Yes, but only for 2003.
4) No.

     Once I have responses to this question, I'll see if anyone's interested
in expanding the ballot from just "Favorite Series" "Favorite Story" and
"Favorite Writer" to maybe include things like characters, etc.

     Dave Van Domelen, wants at least ten "registered voters" before he'll
consider running the ballot.

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