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Sat Feb 7 12:48:40 PST 2004

Raymond Speer <raystwo at webtv.net> writes:

> There is a FAQ of several thousands of words posted on a poor little
> board that has six or seven posts on it, and no new contributions in
> January or thus far in Febuary.

If you're not seeing any posts from January, there's something seriously
wrong with your news server.

> Uhhh, is there life left in this group? It seems to be deserted ---
> maybe porn spammers can litter the abandoned site, but not much more
> seems likely to come of it.

Yup, I think there's something seriously wrong with your news server,
particularly if you're seeing any sort of spam in this group.  Perhaps
it's not configured properly to mark the group as moderated.

Since this group is for posting original fiction, it's low traffic and has
always been low traffic.  People don't churn out vast quantities of
fiction.  :)  The number of stories written in a month varies over time,
often rather cyclically.

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