[META] Long term plans

Martin Phipps phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 1 18:49:26 PST 2004

I'm a bit busy at work but if I have time I might re-read those old
LNH: Europe stories.  I think there were only two issues so it's no
big deal.  They haven't appeared for a few years now, so,
paradoxically, the characters should be a few years older even if the
LNH characters remain perpretually in their twenties (or teens as the
case may be).  With Lalo Martins not around I suppose I could also
re-read those Acra Flight stories and see if there is anything that
can be done with those characters.  Basically I was thinking that Deja
Dude could go into semi-retirement, the kids in the new class of
Generation Zed could graduate and that they'd all move to South East
Asia and form LNH: Asia, something that would only make sense if there
was still an LNH: Europe so that people in this part of the world
would want an LNH of their own.  I'm just thinking out loud at this
point.  Don't expect any actual stories from me this year until I have
definite plans that I have to lay the groundwork for.  I might also
need permission to use characters if it comes to that.  Anyway, I'm
still thinking of doing a Star Wars Episode 3 parody first and I'll
have to wait until 2005 to get that right so you can expect a flood of
posts from me in late 2005 if everything dovetails nicely.


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