[LNH/Admin] For consultation: history of the LNHHQ

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Sat Dec 18 22:58:36 PST 2004

In article <15f3bff1.0412182004.2cf2203a at posting.google.com>,
Saxon Brenton <saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au> wrote:
>     * The Society of Wireless Heroes of the 1950s is not stated, but can 
>be strongly inferred, to be not just British but Britain-based. [_Dvandom 
>Force_ #37-38] Out of story comments by Dvandom suggest that they may 
>have been active as early as late WW2.
     That is correct.  While active worldwide, the SWH was based in England
somewhere.  East Acton, perhaps.  :)

>     * The Net.tastic Nine are active in the Silver Age of the 1960s, 
>before they fell out of continuity due to the machinations of IMPLO and 
>probably Defacto V as well. [_Dvandom Force_ #42, 43]  Dunno where they 
>were based.

     I think I intended them to be in the Mando Building (Mando and Baxter
are both types of paper used in comics).

     And, of course, the whole System Corruptors bit I wrote was always
intended to be "maybe, maybe not".  One of those things no one will ever know
for sure.  }->  And my Babbage City thing was a direct ref to Astro City.

     Dave Van Domelen, suspects the sub-sub-sub-basements eventually connect
up to the Infinite Library....

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