LNH: re: Name the Christmas Miracle Pooch

Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler jaelle at ihug.co.nz
Fri Dec 17 21:19:47 PST 2004

> On 10/Dec/2004 Arthur Spitzer wrote: 

> I'm going to write a Christmas story for the LNH (The classic LNH 
>> not LNHY).
>> It's going to involve this dog that mysteriously gets into the LNHQ
>> and gets adopted by the LNH and becomes a member.
>> There's one scene where the collective LNH decide to give a name
>> to the dog.  I'm asking for what might be your LNH characters
>> choice for a name for the dog.  It doesn't matter if its lame or
>> whatever.  I've already got a really lame name in mind, but if any
>> one has a clever suggestion then  I might pick that.


Writer's Block Woman: Sir Galahad, Mighty Canine Knight of Goodness!!

Mouse: Dog.

Feel free to make snide comments about Mouse's choice. Goodness knows I 
did. :-)


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