LNH: Name the Christmas Miracle Pooch

Andrew Perron pwerdna at outgun.com
Fri Dec 17 09:11:01 PST 2004

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 03:10:10 +0000 (UTC), arspitzer at aol.com
(Arspitzer) wrote:

>Andrew Perron wrote:
>>Edo-o, the Ninjadog!
>>Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Puppytron 2000?
>Martin Phipps wrote:
>>Rex?  Pouchie?  Fido?
>But which of your LNH characters are giving these suggested names?
>Arthur "Or are Andrew Perron and Martin Phipps LNH characters now?" 

See, this is why it pays to actually *read* the original post. >>;

But Kid Enthusiastic certainly works for an in-character source. `.`v

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, plus extra bonus name: Fi-Dorr,
the Mighty!

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