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	"Oy!" Google.mesh said soon after opening Martin's refrigerator.  "Where is 
your yogurt?"

	"I don't have any yogurt," Martin told him.

	"No yogurt!" Google.mesh complained.  "I need yogurt!  It is the food of 
the gods!  What mortals called ambrosia!"

	TJ sighed.  "Don't worry," he said.  "I'll take him to the mall.  Do you 
need any other groceries?"

	"Some eggs, some milk, some cereal," Martin said.  "Thanks!"

	"No problem!"

				Google.mesh #4: Sins of the Father

	Meanwhile, in Hell, Beel.gzip.bub and I.sig were plotting against our 

	"I need a demon sufficiently powerful enough to destroy Google.mesh!" I.sig 

	"That's a tall order," Beel.gzip.bub said.

	"Can it be done?" I.sig asked.

	"There is one in my dominion strong enough to do the job," Beel.gzip.bub 
told her.  "He isn't a demon though."

	"Spit it out!"

	"Thur," Beel.gzip.bub said.


	"Yes, Thur."

	"You mean, I could have Google.mesh killed by his own son?"

	"I thought you'd like that," Beel.gzib.bub said with a smile.


	Meanwhile, at the mall, TJ and Google.mesh had just finished buying their 

	"So now that you've got your yogurt," TJ said, "let's go back."

	"Wait," Google.mesh said.  "Man does not live by yogurt alone."

	"What did you have in mind?" TJ asked.

	"I see there is a Mac.Donalds in this mall!"

	"Mac.Donalds, huh?  How come you know about Mac.Donalds?  Did they even 
have hamburgers in ancient Sci.mar?"

	"I haven't been living under a rock for the past five thousand years!" 
Google.mesh explained.  "Nor am I senile."  He raised and shook the grocery 
bag he was carrying.

	"I know," TJ said.  "'Yogurt does wonders'.  Fine.  Mac.Donalds it is."


	Meanwhile, in Hell, Beel.gzip.bub was bringing Thur to see I.sig.

	"He looks so strong and healthy!" she said.

	"Yes," Beel.gzip.bub said.  "Two millenia spent working the mines of hell 
adds up to a lot of healthy exercise."

	"Do you remember me, Thur?" I.sig asked as she embraced him.  But he did 
not respond.  "What's wrong with him?"

	"He's shut himself off from the outside world," Beel.gzip.bub explained.  
"It happens to everybody down here eventually.  It's the way that gods and 
mortals alike deal with having to be here."

	"But can we control him?"

	"Yes," Beel.gzip.bub said.  "He will do whatever you ask."

	"Good," I.sig said, "because I want him to kill his father!"

	"He will need a weapon," Beel.gzip.bub suggested.

	"What do you have in mind?"

	"Here," Beel.gzip.bub said as he handed I.sig a hammer.  "It was forged in 
the fires of Hell!"

	"It looks like the hammer that he used to use millenia ago!" I.sig said.

	"Indeed," Beel.gzip.bub.  "With this hammer, he would be able to destroy 
anything, including Google.mesh."

	"Ha ha ha ha ha!" they both laughed in unison.


	Meanwhile, at Mac.Donalds, TJ and Google.mesh were having Big Macs and 

	"Let's assume I do believe your story," TJ said.  "If you were IO.din then 
you would have also died at the battle of Ragan.org."

	"The reports of my death were, again, somewhat exaggerated," Google.mesh 


	Google.mesh continued his story from before.  "Thur and I settled in 
Northern Eu.rec.  Soon we were joined by Bal.dir."

	"Who is Bal.dir?"

	"Bal.dir was Thur's brother."

	"This was from another mother?"

	"No," Google.mesh explained.  "They were full brothers.  Their mother and I 
separated and we took one of each of our sons to our respective kingdoms.  
Bal.dir grew up in E-gypt and was known as the god Rec to his people while 
Thur replaced me as king of Sci.mar while I went on my quest for 
immortality.  Eventually the three of us were re-united in Northern Eu.rec."

	"Fair enough," TJ said.  "So tell me about Ragan.org."

	"Ragan.org was the doing of my adopted son, Lo.key.  He was always jealous 
of the affection I bestowed on Thur and Bal.dir, my natural born sons.  He 
conspired with the demons of the underworld and brought about some really, 
really bad weather.

	"We had three really bad winters in a row with no summers in between.  The 
people were all in a panic.  Not only was there no food for them to eat but 
the local wolves were also getting hungry and it was getting harder for the 
people to fight them off so they turned to us, their gods, for help.

	"Then it began.  I.sig had set free the dead, just as she had threatened to 
do millenia ago.  The dead were devouring the living.  As hopeless as it 
seemed, we had no choice but to fight them off.  It was, afterall, our fault 
that the people were suffering.

	"Just when it seemed we were victorious, the forces of Hell sent demons 
against us: the wolf Fen.rec, the Looniearth Serpent Org.mungard and the 
giant Sur.tech and its monstrous hound.  It was up to me to battle Fen.rec.  
Thur battled Org.mungard while my other sons, Bal.dir, Tech and Vi.dir, 
battled Sur.tech and the hound."

	"Wait a minute!" TJ asked.  "Where did Tech and Vi.dir come from?"

	"I had some flings with a few Norse women," Google.mesh admitted.  "Anyway, 
my battle with Fen.rec didn't go well and the wolf swallowed me whole."

	"Right," TJ said, "so you died."


	"How can you survive being eaten by a wolf?"

	"Because, as I said, the wolf had swallowed me whole.  It is said that 
Vi.dir slew the wolf, apparently before it could digest me.  When I had 
finally managed to free myself from the wolf's dead carcas, I found that the 
battle was over and all my sons were dead.  Apparently, everyone assumed 
that I, too, had perished."


	"Now do you understand why your friend Martin is so important to me?"


	Meanwhile, back at Martin's apartment, Martin went to answer the door.

	"It's about time," he said as he opened the door.  "I was getting worried 
about... YOU!"

	Lisa smiled.  "Did you miss me?"

	Martin felt someone grab him from behind.

	"You do remember Kien, don't you?  Ha ha ha ha!  Now where were we before 
your saviour so rudely interrupted us?"


	"Well," TJ said, "we definitely had better get going before Martin starts 
to wonder what happened to us."

	"Not so fast!" I.sig said.

	"You!" Google.mesh said.

	"And I am not alone!" she said.  "Thur!  Come face your father!"

	"Thur!  My son!  You're alive!  I've missed you so much!" Google.mesh said. 
  But Thur did not respond.  "Witch!  What did you do to our son?"

	"OUR son?" TJ said.  "Woah!  That's a little detail you left out of your 
story, Herc!"

	"Now you understand why things didn't work out between us!"

	"So you left me to raise my son Rec by myself!"

	"And you killed my best friend, Enkiben!  And then millenia later you were 
also responsible for the deaths of four of my sons, including two of your 
own!  All in an attempt to kill me!"

	"You've got to be kidding me!" TJ said.  "First I go to Hell and I meet 
Jesus and now I'm stuck in the middle of the oldest and most vicious family 
disputes of all time!  The one responsible for all of Western mythology no 

	"Oh, more than that, mortal!" I.sig said.  "For now you will witness the 
death of a god!"  She turned to her son.  "THUR!  KILL YOUR FATHER!"


Martin (not to be confused with the character created by Saxon Brenton)

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