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		Google.mesh #3: The Epic of Google.mesh, Part II

	Google.mesh continued to tell his story to Martin and TJ in Martin's 

	"When I had completed my story, I grew restless again.  In my absence, my 
father, Dumuzeus had died and my son, Thur-nungal had assumed the throne.  
There was little reason for me to stay in U.rec except to hear the accolades 
of my subjects, and even that got old after a while.

	"So I decided to travel throughout Sci.maria and visit the people in the 
other cities.  While I was visiting the farthest northern extent of my 
kingdom, I heard of a kingdom to the west known as Mac.cendonia.

	"At first I wasn't interested in hearing stories of far off lands: I was 
starting to feel my age and didn't feel like travelling over any more 
mountains.  But then one of my subjects told me that the Mac.cedonians had 
discovered the secret of eternal life.

	"Now, I had long ago given up the notion of finding the secret of eternal 
life, but my curiosity got the better of me.  I sent a messenger to go to 
U.rec and tell them that I had gone.  Perhaps they misunderstood and mourned 
my death.

	"Anyway, I started travelling westward through the land that you now call 
Tur.key and eventually arrived in Mac.cedonia.  I asked people there if they 
could tell me the secret of eternal life."

	"What was it?" Martin asked.  "What was their secret?"

	"Yogurt," Google.mesh said.

	"Yogurt?" TJ asked.

	"Yes, yogurt," Google.mesh said.  "Every day since then I have eaten a cup 
of yogurt to maintain my health.  So effective was this potion that I felt 
my youth, even my strength, returning.  I was able to perform great deads.

	"The people of Mac.cedonia were impressed with me and named me He.rec.les 
which means in their language 'Big Strong Dude'.  They asked me where I came 
from, so I pointed eastward towards my kingdom and said that I came from 
'Over there'.

	"Of course, to the east was Mount IO.lympus so they may have gotten the 
impression that I was telling them that my kingdom was on Mount IO.lympus.  
Oh well.

	"Anyway, I told them about my father Dumuzeus, that he had been the ruler 
of U.rec and that he was a God but that I was mortal.  Well, actually, 
seeing as how he died and I am still alive I guess he turned out to be more 
mortal than I.

	"I didn't tell them about God.  Perhaps I was still angry with God over 
taking my Enkiben from me and sending him to Hell.  That plus the fact that 
he had killed my ancestors in the Great Flood.

	"Eventually, my son, Thur-Nungal came looking for me.  He told me he was 
glad to see I was still alive and that I should come with him back to U.rec 
so the people could celebrate my return!

	"But I told him that the world was bigger than we had imagined, that there 
were civilizations out there that we had never heard of.  I told my son that 
I wanted to boldly go and seek out these new civilizations.

	"We travelled together throughout Eu.rec until we arrived in the farthest 
northern regions where we finally settled.  There the people called me 
IO.din which means 'Big Strong Father' in their language.

	"Thur-Nungal went on to become a great hero to these people while I 
prefered to live what I thought would be my later years in comfort.  
Eventually, Thur died in the battle of Ragan.org.

	"Of course, I mourned my son.  But I had fathered many children, both in 
G.rec and in Scan.dinavia.  Many of these children had great powers and 
their exploits inspired much of G.rec and Norse mythology."

	"So you were still screwing around," TJ pointed out.

	"What can I say?" Google.mesh said with a smile.  "Yogurt does wonders."

	"This is all very hard to believe," TJ said.

	"Which part?" Google.mesh asked.

	"Well, for one thing, you claim to be personally responsible for all of 
Western mythology!"

	"And you find it easier to believe that similar stories of cities filled 
with Gods spontaneously arose in different places throughout Eu.rec?"

	"There may be a common origin between G.rec and Norse mythology," TJ 
argued, "but that doesn't mean you are it."

	"What about my adventures in I.ram, E-gypt and Cre.tech?  You know they 
happned because they appeared in the Epic of Google.mesh."

	"But you said that you wrote the Epic of Google.mesh because you didn't 
want people to forget you.  Perhaps you just made it all up.  And that's 
assuming you really are Google.mesh, which I sincerely doubt, because that 
would make you over 4700 years old!"

	Google.mesh sighed, shook his head and addressed Martin.  "What's with this 

	"It's an extreme reaction to the way he was raised," Martin explained.

	"Oh sure!" TJ said.  "A big, strong grey haired man shows up at your door 
claiming to be your long, lost ancester so, naturally, you believe him."

	"TJ figures that because I believe in God then I must be very naive."

	"Oh but God does exist," Google.mesh told him.  "I can't be sure that he is 
the creater of the Looniverse or that there aren't others like him, but I 
can assure you that he does exist.  I met him."

	TJ shook his head.  "I don't believe any of this."

	Google.mesh sighed once more.  "At least you believe me, Martin!  At long 
last, after all these years, I have family again!"


	Meanwhile, in Hell, Lisa was crying out for her mother.

	"I am here," I.sig said.

	"He hurt me, mother!"


	"He calls himself 'Martin'."

	I.sig became very angry.  She tracked down Beel.gzip.bub.  "Who is this 
creature known as Martin?" she demanded to know.

	"He is a Nephalim like you and Lisa," Beel.gzip.bub explained.  "A 
descendant of Google.mesh."

	"Google.mesh," she cursed.  "I should have killed him when I had the 

	"But you loved him?" Beel.gzip.bub asked.

	"It was a purely physical attraction I assure you!" I.sig insisted.  "If he 
were still alive today I would not hesitate to kill him!"

	"But he _is_ still alive," Beel.gzip.bub said.

	"What?!  After all these years?!"

	Beel.gzip.bub shrugged his shoulders.  "Yogurt does wonders."


	"He now lives in Net.ropolis with his descendant, Martin."

	"They are together?"


	"Good," she said.  "I can destroy them both together!"

TO BE CONTINUED... presumably

Actually if anybody else wants to continue with this series (Saxon?) then 
you are welcome to do so.  Obviously, the series would continue in a manner 
similar to Japanese anime with I.Sig, Beel.gzip.bub and Lisa sending 
diabolicals against Google.mesh, Martin and TJ and possibly involving team 
ups with other LNHY heroes like Van Hel.sig, Swell Boy, Dr. Peculiar or 
Buxom the Vampire Slayer.  I don't feel any overwhelming desire to write 
this kind of story and, instead, encourage you to watch some episodes of 
Sailor Moon, Gatchaman or Goldorak.  Come to think of it, Power Rangers also 
follows the same basic premise.

Anyway, back to work. :)

Martin, not to be confused with the character created by Saxon Brenton

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