[LNH] The Daily Super Short-Short Story #64 [actually fairly short]

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The Daily Super Short-Short Story #64

A Devil Came Down to Georgia 46: Epilogue 3

A couple of weeks later still, TJ stopped by Martin's apartment.

"Did you see today's paper?" TJ asked.
"Yeah," Martin said.
"You don't look particularly happy," TJ observed.  "It's not as
though you've been making all that much of an effort to keep your
identity secret."
"I know," TJ said, "but now anybody who picks up the newspaper will
know that I am MegaMetal BlastLord."
"You might have considered wearing a full face mask to hide your
identity so that nobody would have recognized you when you changed back
into your regular form."
"I know," Martin said.  "I guess it is too late now to worry about
"Are you worried about being attacked by another group of
diabolicals?" TJ asked.
"Not just that," Martin admitted.  "What if some Biblical scholar
were to identify me as a Nephalim?  What sort of future would I then
have with the church?"
"Yeah, well, unfortunately, your church hasn't been known for its
tolerance," TJ said with a hint of irony.
Martin shook his head.  "I'm serious.  It may not mean that much to
you but I've devoted my live to the church!"
"Well, then maybe this is a good thing," TJ suggested.  "Maybe this
is your opportunity to see about making the church more tolerant of
people who have different backgrounds... or points of view."
Just then there was a knock at the door.
"I'd better get it," Martin said.  Ever since seeing his picture in
the paper, he had been anxious about answering the door, wondering who
was coming to see him and why.
Martin openned the door and saw a huge, hulking old man.  Although
apparently very old, with gray hair and wrinkled skin, he was obviously
very healthly and, no doubt, very strong: each of his bicep muscles
was, alone, larger than TJ's head.
What struck Martin most of all, though, was the fact that the man
seemed strangely familiar.  "Do I know you?" he asked.
"No," the stranger told him.  "And I have only learned about you just
"What do you want?" Martin asked.
The old man sighed.  "I am your long lost ancestor.  I am


NAME: Google.mesh
CREATED BY: Martin Phipps (martinphip... at yahoo.com)
TYPE: Usable Without Permission
ALIASES: He.rec.les (to the Greeks), IO.din (to the Norsemen)
POWERS: Immortality, strength
APPEARANCE: Very old, with gray hair and wrinkled skin, but very
healthly and very strong with huge, hulking muscles
RELATIVES: Jupishur (ancestor, deceased), Dumuzeus (father, deceased),
Thur-Nungal (son, deceased), I.Sig (distant cousin),
MegaMetal BlastLord (descendent, created by Saxon Brenton)
FIRST ISSUE: The Daily Super Short-Short Story #64
Was that short enough?

Martin... needs to get back to work

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