[ASH] Advance Peek: ASH #51 - From Serpent To Dragon

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Mon Aug 30 12:19:22 PDT 2004

     Well, everyone seems to be posting snippets lately, plus the Big Guys
have been releasing four to eight page previews of comics online for a while
now, so why now follow suit?  Plus, it lets me say I at least posted
SOMETHING in August (which is a really hectic month for me, between
conferences and starting the semester).
     So, without further ado, here's the (unedited/unproofread) first scene
of ASH #51!  Warning: naughty words ahead....

[August 30, 2025 - Chicago, Illinois Sector]

     "Que pendejo es ese Howard!  Eso condenado me frego' bien!  Que
pendejada!  Voy a quebrarse los ping-pongs!  Oooooh!"
     Essay continued in this manner for several minutes, branching out into
speculations on the nature of Peregryn's parentage and employing words that
no one even knew outside of the part of Lost Angeles where she grew up.
Finally she ran out of steam and just sat there, breathing heavily and
staring at the test results.
     "Um, would you really do all that?" Doctor Ibanez cocked an eyebrow at
her fuming patient.  "If he was here right now?"
     Essay let out a long sigh, then shrugged.  "If he was here, I wouldn't
be so angry, doc.  But I'd still probably still bust his ass for him for not
telling me earlier."  She paused for a moment, and anger flashed in her eyes
again.  "He told me he could control that sort of thing, which means he got
me pregnant on PURPOSE!" she realized.
     Doctor Ibanez could almost feel her skin being flayed by the renewed
stream of inventive invective.  She'd served in the Army to help pay for
medical school, and she'd never heard such language, even from non-coms
wounded in field exercises.  In between scheduling young Miss Rodriguez for a
few rounds of therapy and pre-natal care, she made sure to note down some of
the more interesting turns of phrase.


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