LNHY/ACRA: The Daily Super Short-Short Story #7

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Wed Aug 25 17:37:20 PDT 2004

<<Warning:  You might be endangering your soul to eternal damnation in 
hellfire if you read this series.  Just thought you should know that.>>

                  The Daily Super Short-Short Story #7

LAST TIME:  God banished Exciting Leather Strap-on Lass to the Anti-
Party Zone and offered Gotta-Luv-Me Lad a new girlfriend, but only if he 
sacrificed his melon-sized boobs. Gotta-Luv-Me Lad took the offer.  And 

                 'She knows how to please her man'

Gotta-Luv-Me Lad stroked his now flat-chest.  It seemed so strange that 
just an hour ago he had been playing with his gigantic melon-sized 
breasts and now they were gone.  Gone forever.  He just hoped his new 
girlfriend wouldn't think less of him.  And then he saw his breasts 
again.  They were right on his new girlfriend.  And he had to admit that 
they looked quite a bit better on her than they did on him.  She was 
blonde, blue-eyed, and perfect in just about every way.  Well except for 
the fact that she didn't have a second nose.  Well no one was completely 

"So what do think?" asked God.

"She looks great!  She's submissive right?"

"Oh definitely.  I call her Knows-How-to-Please-Her-Man Girl.  I don't 
think this one will be giving you much trouble."

"Just to be sure, I think I'll ask her a few questions.  So, Knows-How-
to-Please-Her-Man Girl what do you think about becoming my girlfriend?"

"I've been dreaming about this ever since I was a little girl.  And now 
I can't believe any of this real.  It's to good to be true.  I have 
reached absolute nirvana," said an overjoyed Knows-How-to-Please-Her-Man 

"If I were to tell you to do anything no matter how cruel or horrible 
for me, would you?"

"Your will is my command.  My happiness is tied to your happiness.  If 
you're not happy how could I ever possibly be happy?  I would jump off a 
cliff if you asked me to."

"Final question.  How would you feel wearing this collar?"

"It's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever given me," KHTPHM Girl 
said with a tear falling from her eye.  "It would give me no greater 
pleasure than to wear this till the day I die."

"I think I'll keep her." Gotta-Luv-Me Lad said to God.

"Good.  Well I guess I'll leave you two so you can get to "know" each 
other better," winked God.

With that God left. Gotta-Luv-Me Lad was just about to take KHTPHM Girl 
to a place behind the vending machine so he could get to "know" her 
better when there was a great flash of light.

As Gotta-Luv-Me Lad rubbed his eyes he saw a strange mysterious figure.

"It worked!  I've gone into the past!  I've made it to the BEGINNING OF 
TIME!!!" said the mysterious figure.

TOMORROW: Who is this mysterious figure?!

Author's Note:  I wonder how many people I've offended and appalled by now.

Arthur "Southern Baptist Love" Spitzer

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