LNHY/ACRA: The Daily Super Paragraph #3

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Sat Aug 21 14:32:22 PDT 2004

<<Warning:  You might be endangering your soul to eternal damnation in 
hellfire if you read this series.  Just thought you should know that.>>

                    The Daily Super Paragraph #3

LAST TIME:  God created a character named 'Gotta-Luv-Me Lad' and became 
concerned that he was running out of ideas for this series.  And now....

                'Stop in the name of Paragraph Law!'

God was just about to write a really great story when they came.  "Your 
paragraph abuse has gone too far, God!!" said a man in a red uniform.  
"And now we, the Mighty Morphin' Paragraph Police, are going to take you 
down!!  To quote Webster's:  A paragraph is a subdivision of a written 
composition that consists of one or more sentences, deals with ONE point 
or gives the words of ONE speaker, and begins on a new usu. indented 
line.  Do you have anything to say in your defense, God?"  God cleared 
his throat, "Bah!  You fools!  I'm God!  I define what is proper 
paragraph use!  I define the meaning of a paragraph!!  I am 
infallible!!"  And with that God used his God vision and burned the 
Mighty Morphin' Paragraph Police to a complete crisp only leaving their 
very charred skeletons behind.

TOMORROW:  God gets back to writing a really great story!

Author's Note:  You know, I probably should have called this 'The Daily 
Super Short Short Story' instead.

Arthur "Poor Paragraph Police" Spitzer

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