LNHY/ACRA: The Daily Super Paragraph #1

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Thu Aug 19 22:15:10 PDT 2004

                  The Daily Super Paragraph #1

                 'And God created the paragraph'

One day God was reading the entire RACC archives.  He stumbled upon a 
series called Paragraph Adventures by a man named Chris Gumprich.  God 
liked the idea so he decided to steal it.  He would do it better of 
course since he was God.  And there would be a lot more sex and violence 
in his version.  So God retconned Chris Gumprich away so Chris couldn't 
sue him for plagiarism and then he started writing a series called: The 
Daily Super Paragraph.  For this story God needed a universe.  So he 
created Looniverse Y.  And then he created a planet.  Planet T-Bone (for 
scientific purposes called Earth Y).  And it was good.  Then god created 
plants.  Then animals.  Then furniture.  Also booze.  And cigarettes.  
And drugs.  And rock n' roll.  And a bunch of billion year old fossils.  
And the toothbrush.  And the banjo.  And sentient talking clothing.  And 
finally God created vending machines.  And then God created a place 
called the Garden of Party Time.  And then God stared at his creation.  
Nothing was happening.  Everything was just kind of static.  Nothing was 
worshipping him.  This was starting to get very dull.  There was 
something missing.  Oh yeah!  He needed to create a character!

TOMORROW:  God creates a character!

Author's Note:  Any similarities between this and the Bible is purely a 
coincidence.  This takes place after The Before God Guys v9,934,343 
#1,283,789,127.  This series is acraphobe because I might get the urge 
to fill it with sex, violence, and profanity one day.

Arthur "Whatever happened to Chris anyways?" Spitzer

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