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Martin Phipps wrote:
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>> I'd say they're good guys in the same sense that Self-Righteous Preacher 
>> is a good guy.

>Is he though?  Or have the LNH's standards for membership been
>incedibly lax?

I'm not sure what you mean.  Self-Righteous Preacher fights against the 
evils of gay marriage, pre-marital sex, and internet porn.  He protects 
those poor defenseless stem cells from being murdered.  Some might say 
that he is the most heroic of all the LNH'rs. (Not me of course.  But 
there are lunatics out there.)

>> Their motto is 'You're either with the Teen Fascists or against the Teen 
>> Fascists'.

>The obvious suggestion being that Ashcroft and Bush are Fascists.


>I see what you mean except that they probably wouldn't label
>themselves as "Fascists".  

Well, ok.  In the real world, they'd probably call them the Teen 
Patriots or something Orwellian like the Freedom Kids.  Not that they'd 
use super teens in the real world to fight terrorism.  The Bush 
Administration in Looniverse Y is a lot more ridiculous than the one in 
the real world.  My Ashcroft would be a lot more goofy and likable than 
the real world one.  He'd sort of be this Uncle Marvel type character 
who has his own superhero suit and is always trying to go on missions 
with the kids.  And they'd always say, "Sorry, Uncle Ashcroft.  We love 
you, but you can't go Arab stomping with us.  You'll just hurt 

>The Teen Fascists would have to believe so
>strongly in fascism that they'd regard Ashcroft and Bush and bleeding
>hearts.  In fact, they'd probably regard everybody who opposed them as
>bleeding hearts.  They'd probably label Rush Limbaugh as public enemy
>number one for "not going far enough" and would want to replace him
>with a right wing commentator "not afraid to tell it like it really
>is".  Hmm.  I can sort of see some humor coming out of this idea but
>it needs more work.

I suppose maybe they could have originally been created by the goverment 
with another name like say, the Freedom Kids, but eventually found the 
Bush Adminstration to soft on terrorism and went rogue and underground.  
Now they realize that the only way they can save America from terrorism 
is to overthrow the American government.  Becoming terrorists to save us 
from terrorism.

>For starters, they would have to have a blind eye to the very idea
>that they would be infringing the rights of Americans: rather than set
>out to infringe the bill of rights they would probably quote the
>constitution as if it were a biblical text, the only restriction being
>that the bill of rights only applies to "real Americans" and THEY
>define who a real American is.  Just as Bush might label the French as
>being unsympathetic to the war on terror, the Teen Fascists would
>label Bush as being unpatriotic should he speak out openly about the
>Teen Fascists.  After all, they are AMERICAN heroes, unlike those
>Before God guys who speak with Summarian accents!

But the Before God Guys were on the Mayflower.

>So I was thinking of taking ordinary net.heroes and making them
>fascists.  Instead of Linguist Lass, we would have English Only Lass! 
>Instead of Irony Man, we would have, um, ah, Irony Man I guess.  I

Just so you know, you can't make a character named Irony Man unless you 
can get permission from the person who created Irony Man (not that Irony 
Man's a teenager anyways).  You could create a character called Kid 
Ironic, or Teen Irony or something if you wanted.  I'd like to keep all 
that murky copyright stuff out of Looniverse Y.

>mean as leader of Tsk Force, he used to hunt down non-conformists.  If
>that's not fascist then what is?  Indeed, the very concept of a
>superhero group seems very militaristic and fascist and writers of
>real comics have played around with that idea already.

>Hmm.  Needs more thought.

Do whatever you want Martin.  I'm not going to be doing anything with 
the Teen Fascists.

Arthur "Need to start writing the Saviors of the Net epilogue" Spitzer

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