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Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Tue Aug 3 19:46:04 PDT 2004

Martin Phipps wrote:
>Go ahead.  Meanwhile, I might take a crack at writing a Teen Fascists
>story.  Are these supposed to be good guys or bad guys?

That would depend on what your thoughts about fascism are.:)

I'd say they're good guys in the same sense that Self-Righteous Preacher 
is a good guy.

I did have some ideas about what type of characters would be in the Teen 
Fascists, but was to lazy to put them on the roster.

After 9/11 Attorney General Ashcroft decides to create a team of super 
powered teenagers to battle the unpatriotic forces in America.

Each teen would have the power to counter-act against a specific part of 
the Bill of Rights.

Speech Leech would have the ability to leech away unpatriotic speech.

Disarm Lass would be able to prevent people from exercising their right 
to bear arms.  She's the token bleeding heart on the team.

Kid Search 'n Seizure has the ability to search and seize things without 
needing a warrant.

Croo-L and Unuzoo-L, the Pun-ishment Twins are kind of like the Wonder 
Twins except after they hit their fists they turn into different cruel 
and unusual punishments.  They also make a lot of cruel and unusual 

And so on...

There would also be Anarchist Face who has the ability to look and sound 
like an anarchist.  He uses that power to infiltrate various peace 
protester cells.

Some bad guys I thought of for them to fight would be...

The Gandhi Gorilla who plans to conquer the world using passive 

The Human Flag Burner who wants to burn every single American Flag.

I probably won't ever write anything with them.  If any of the ideas 
sound worthwhile feel free to steal them.  All the characters above I 
put into the public domain for Looniverse Y.

One thing I'd like to note.  If you or anyone decides to create a member 
of the Teen Fascists the character is still yours and you may decide 
whether people can ask for permission or not.  The Teen Fascists are 
Public Domain in the sense that anyone can write the team and create a 
character for the team.  Individual members in the Teen Fascist are what 
ever character level of availability that the owner of the character 
decides it should be.  I hope that makes some sense.

If you create a member of the Teen Fascists you still own it.

All Teen Fascist are between the age of 13 and 19.  No one younger or 

Their motto is 'You're either with the Teen Fascists or against the Teen 

Arthur "Benevolent Anarchist" Spitzer

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