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Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Tue Aug 3 19:42:05 PDT 2004

Andrew Perron wrote:
>I'd actually recommend reading Dvandom Force #0 and then the rest of
>the series over starting off with Constellation.  It's good stuff -
>especially the latter issues - but the Dvandom Force run is just plain
>*solid*.  You can (and should!) go back to Consty later, of course.

I prefer Constellation to Dvandom Force myself.  That being said you're 
probably right about Constellation #1 being a bad place to begin.  I 
guess you should probably start with Constellation #13 which gives a 
pretty good recap of all the stuff that came before it.  It's also the 
beginning of the 'Bad Forms' crossover which if you read Easily 
Discovered Man you'll eventually run into.

>I like this.  Just to make sure, tho, you should specifiy that anyone
>who makes a character needs to state, unabiguously, what level they're
>putting a character at.  Otherwise, such things could get murky

I'm not quite sure how I could make it clearer.

>You realize, this'll probably result in two people writing the
>same-numbered issue at the same time. `-`v CONTINUITY'S DOOM.

There is that problem.  I guess I could make some type of reserve list 
if things became to crazy.  Or maybe people could announce that they're 
going to post something a week or so before they post.  I don't know.  
If I made a reserve list for writing an issue of Looniverse Y who would 
want to be on it?

Arthur "When's a NAQ become a FAQ" Spitzer

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