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<Would taking out Humor make the Looniverse go boom?>
> > It might seriously damage the universe, or it might simply become more 
> > serious.  Or going off in the other direction, possibly the void left 
> > by the absence of Humour would become filled with Angst, which would be 
> > a fate worse than death.
> Hmm.  Did nobody read here the first twelve issues of Journey Into
> Irrelevancy?  Tom delt with this issue head on.  The rungs (or
> whatever) of comedy were stolen by the villain and this lead to an
> alt.ernate apocalyptic future which was deadly serious.

Ah, interesting.  Must read that.  I haven't been keeping up with the
more recent, high-quality Tom stuff.

> By the way, I should make the following disclaimer.
> The portrayal of Mon.gosub.lians in LNH Asia: Full Throtle #1 is not
> meant as a parody of Mongolians but rather as a parody of the way
> Mongolians were portrayed in Charlie's Angels: Full Throtle.

Ah. `.`v I've never seen that movie, so...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, and don't plan to!

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