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>                              Version 1.00


For a bit there, I was afraid you'd accidentally started using the
imprint idea I'm about to start using. @.@; But this is very different
- and *very* cool.  More comments:

>Here are some great Classic LNH stories for you to check out.
>Easily Discovered Man


>If nothing more you should atleast check out Easily Discovered Man.

I'd actually recommend reading Dvandom Force #0 and then the rest of
the series over starting off with Constellation.  It's good stuff -
especially the latter issues - but the Dvandom Force run is just plain
*solid*.  You can (and should!) go back to Consty later, of course.

>Q1.4   What's Usuable Without Permission mean?
>A1.4   Okay.  There are four different levels of Character

I like this.  Just to make sure, tho, you should specifiy that anyone
who makes a character needs to state, unabiguously, what level they're
putting a character at.  Otherwise, such things could get murky

>Q2.4   Who are the System Corrupters?

>I thought the name sounded pretty cool and decided that that would be
>the name of the opposing group of villains rather than the
>of Net.Villains (which is the opposing group of villains in the

I have to agree. ``vvv

>Looniverse Y:  Is a public domain title that anyone is allowed to
>in.  It's currently at issue 1.

You realize, this'll probably result in two people writing the
same-numbered issue at the same time. `-`v CONTINUITY'S DOOM.

Anyway.  It's a good idea. ~.~v If nobody decides to write the next
issue within a couple weeks, I'll take a crack at it.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, who has some character ideas...

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