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LNH Asia 2020 #3: Dorf Wars, Episode III, Part II

2020.  The future.  The Hague, Net.ther.lan.s

  Deja Dude II arrived at the court house where the Dorf Boba LaRocque was 
to stand trial for the attempted genocide of the human race.  He was 
surprised to see Nimbo wearing her regular costume which was skin tight and 
purple above the waist and nothing but a purple thong below the waist..
  "Whoa!" he said.
  "What's wrong?" Nimbo asked.
  "Nothing.  Nothing at all," he said.
  "Then why did you say 'Whoa!'?"
  "I guess I just expect to see you wearing a shirt and pants or maybe a 
dress over your regular costume."
  "Oh," she said.
  "Aren't you cold?  I mean, this isn't the Philippi.net."
  "No, I'm fine like this, thank you."  She smiled.  "Why?  Would you rather 
I had something on less revealing?"
  "Actually," he said with a smile, "I think you look fine just the way you 
  "What's going on here?" Utraman asked angrily.
  "Hey, Damien, it's okay!" they both said.
  "You're hitting on my girlfriend!"
  "Well, not really.  I was just paying her a compliment."
  "I know you want her!  You've always wanted her!  But she chose me!"
  "Hey!  What?  I'm not supposed to notice her?"
  "Yeah!  That's right!  She's mine!  Live with it!"
  "Don't take that tone with me!"
  "Guys?" Nimbo asked.  "Come on!"
  "I'll talk to you any way I damn well feel!"
  "I think we should take this outside," Deja Dude II said and with a wave 
of his hand they appeared in the skies above the Hague.  "Now, do you really 
want to make something of this?" he asked.
  Utraman didn't answer.  He just swung at Deja Dude II with his fists.  
Luckily for Deja Dude II, he had already put up a telekinetic force field 
which was cushioning the force of the blows so that he couldn't feel them.
  "You won't be able to hold me back forever!  And you aren't strong enough 
to hurt me!"
  "Really?" Deja Dude II asked.  "Maybe I am."  Deja Dude II enveloped his 
hands in telekinetic force fields shaped like boxing gloves and started 
hitting back at Utraman with all his might.

  Meanwhile, Nimbo went to find her teammates, N, Intuition Girl and 
  "Hey, guys, Michael and Damien are fighting!"
  "Why?" N asked.
  "Where?" Intuition Girl asked.
  "Michael said something about 'taking it outside'."
  Moonfire nodded.  "I'll go check."  With his superspeed, Moonfire was able 
to get out of the building and outside in less than a second.  He saw Deja 
Dude II and Utraman duking it out in the air above the courthouse.  He flew 
up to where they were fighting.
  "Hey, guys, what's up?"
  Neither combatants answered Moonfire.  They were too busy fighting.  
Moonfire wished he had Intuitiion Girl's powers so that he could figure out 
what was going on.  For that matter, N, with her superhuman reasoning, could 
probably come up with a solution to this problem just as easily.  Moonfire 
felt frustrated that this was one problem he couldn't solve just by hitting 
someone.  He didn't even stop to ask Nimbo who started it.
  "Come on, guys, break it up!"
  Suddenly, Moonfire noticed something odd.  There was a ring on Utraman's 
finger, one which hadn't been there before.  It occured to Moonfire that 
Utraman might be under some kind of mind control.  Using his superspeed. he 
reached in pulled the ring off of Utraman's finger.
  "Hey!  Give it back!"
  "Where'd you get this!"
  "No, give it to me!" Deja Dude II said.  "It looks... precious."
  "I was right!" Moonfire said.  "It's this ring that is making you fight 
amongst yourselves.  I should destroy it but... it is so beautiful.  So... 
precious!"  Moonfire felt the urge to put the ring on himself but then he 
came back to his senses.  "No!  I will get rid of it!"
  Moonfire flew away faster than his teammates could follow.  Once he had 
achieved escape velocity, he let go of the ring.  It sped off into space.  
He returned to find his teammates were calming down, not sure why either of 
them had been fighting in the first place.
  "What did you do with the ring?" Utraman asked.
  "I threw it out into space," Moonfire told him.  "Where'd you get it 
  "I found it in my pocket last night when I was going to bed."
  "Somebody must have dropped it in your pocket.  You were supposed to put 
it on and go crazy!"
  "And I think I know who that would have been," Deja Dude II said.
  "Boba LaRocque!" Utraman realized.
  "We should have kept the ring as evidence!" Deja Dude II said.
  "No," Moonfire said.  "It's too dangerous.  It seems to affect everyone 
who comes in contact with it."
  Utraman sighed.  "Look, I'm sorry," he said to Deja Dude II.
  "It's okay.  You weren't yourself.  And I'm sorry for checking out Nimbo!"
  Utraman shook his head.  "No, really, I know you can't help it because of 
the way she dresses."
  "That's true," Moonfire said.
  "Are you going to tell her to cover herself up then?" Deja Dude II asked.
  "Hell no!" Utraman said.  "That was the ring talking, not me.  I don't 
mind anybody looking at her... as long as you don't get any ideas."
  Deja Dude II laughed.  "Well, hey, look, you know, she is her own woman, 
free to do what she wants."
  Utraman grimaced.  "Careful or I'll hit you again!"
  They all laughed.

Meanwhile, in a comunication centre set up for the LNH at the Holi.dat 

  "There's a message coming in from a Dorfian ship in orbit around the 
planet!" Browsing Boy said.
  "I knew it!" Ultimate Ninja said.  "I'll contact LNH Ame.rec.a and tell 
them to prepare for an attack!"
  "Wait!" Linguist Lass said.  "They say they're here in peace!"  Linguits 
Lass spoke fluent Dorf in addition to hundreds of human languages.
  "Dorfs coming in peace?" Ultimate Ninja asked incredulously.  "We've heard 
that before."
  "They say that they will leave our solar sys.tem and cross back over the 
Neutral Zone... as soon as we hand over Boba LaRocque to their custody!"

TO BE CONTINUED in LNH Europe 2020 #4

Then in LNH Asia 2020 #4: (At last) The Trial of Boba LaRocque!


Ultimate Ninja created by Raymond "wReam" Bingham.

Linguist Lass, Deja Dude II, Utraman, Moonfire, N, Nimbo, Boba LaRocque and 
LNH Asia created by me.

Browsing Boy is Public Domain.


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