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2020.  The future.  Bang.DOS, Thai.lan.

  "Can I help you?"
  "Yes, I was wondering if you know this man?  Eric Morova?"
  Pridiyathorn Sumalee, service manager at the main branch of the Bank of 
Thai.lan in Bang.DOS, Thai.lan. looked at the photograph that one of the 
three large foreigners showed him.  "Sorry.  I've never seen him before," he 
  "How can you be sure?" one of the other foreigners asked.
  "I have a very good memory for faces," he said.
  "Fair enough.  Sorry to bother you."  The three foreigners left the bank.

  Later that evening, Mr. Sumalee made a telephone call from his home.
  "Mr. Morova?  It's .  You said to call if anybody came to the bank looking 
for you.  Well, there were three large men in here this afternoon."
  >>Thank you, <<
  A fraction of a second later, the signal sent from the small bug in 
Sumalee's home phone, after having bounced off of a couple of satelites in 
order to cover the distance across two continents, was picked up by the 
modem connected to Rudolph Maguire's computer.
  >>I appreciate you telling me.  I wouldn't want any uninvited guests to 
show up where I live.<<
  Rudolph Maguire, also known as Rumour Monger, smiled broadly.  "Gotcha!"

  LNH Asia #1: Brothers Up In Arms, Part II

  A message sent from Hamster Man of LNH Europe in Gen.eva arrived at LNHAHQ 
(LNH Asia Headquarters).
  >>The commissioner of Scot.lan Yard asked me to forward this message to 
  >>Net.Heroes!  We've received information that the original Brotherhood of 
Net.Villains is active again and operating in Londo.net.  We've also been 
informed about possible Brotherhood activity in Thai.lan.  We want your team 
to come to Londo.net immediately to help us investigate.  Please reply as 
soon as you get this message.  Please also be sure to also forward this 
message to LNH Asia so that they can perform their own investigation over 
there.  Thank you.<<
  >>The four of us are leaving immediately.  If you need to get in touch 
with us, just send a message to the kids here and they will forward the 
message to us care of Scot.lan Yard.  Let us know if anything interesting 
turns up in Thai.lan.  Thanks!<<  The message ended.
  The entire LNH Asia team (Deja Dude, Deja Dude II, Utraman, Moonfire, N, 
Nimbo and Intuition Girl) was assembled in the Central Control Centre of 
  "I think the boys can handle this mission by themselves," Deja Dude 
decided.  He was refering to Deja Dude II, Utraman and Moonfire.
  Deja Dude II, aka Michael Narona, the son of Deja Dude and his wife, 
Imelda, had the powers of flight, superstrength, energy projection, 
clairvoyance, teleportation and telekinesis.  In other words, he could do 
just about anything.  If that wasn't enough, he also wielded a "laser sword" 
that he picked up a few years ago on the Dorfian Homeworld: it was powerful 
enough to cut through solid steel.
  Utraman, aka Damien Bodharamik, the son of Psykeye and a Thai woman he 
barely knew, had the powers of flight, superstrength, superspeed, x-ray 
vision and energy projection.  He was also nigh invulnerable and could 
freeze objects just by blowing on them.  Born in Utra.bit, Thai.lan, he was 
every bit as powerful as Michael because he was stronger, faster and could 
burn through solid steel with the heat rays that shot out from his eyes.
  Moonfire, aka Shiro Armstrong, the son of Sailor Coon and Tuxedo Mongoose, 
had the powers of flight, superspeed and energy projection.  He wasn't 
superhumanly strong but he was nigh invulnerable during flight and, were he 
to hit something --or someone-- he would pack one hell of a whalop.  He 
could go toe-to-toe with either Damien or Michael because he was the fastest 
of the three and could literally fly circles around them.  He could  also 
fire "moonbeams" which, although merely flashes of bright light, could 
easily disorient an opponent long enough for him to gain the advantage.
  "I doubt if there'd be anything in Thai.lan that would give them much 
trouble," Deja Dude reasoned.
  "Where exactly are we supposed to be going?" Moonfire asked.
  "My guess is they're after Lagneto," Intuition Girl suggested.
  "Intuition Girl is right," N said.  "The most logical conclusion would be 
that Lagneto is whom they are looking for."
  "Alright then," Deja Dude said.  "I'll have the computer call up a map of 
Thai.lan.  There.  Assuming they know where Lagneto is, they need to take 
this road from Bang.DOS to get there.  Michael, Damien, you three scan the 
road from above and see if you notice anything that looks suspicious.  Be 
sure to use your best judgement: we wouldn't want to have you attacking 
innocent tourists!"
  "Sure thing, dad!" Michael said.
  "I'll be right back," Damien said to Nimbo before kissing her on the lips, 
patting her on the behind and giving her a wink.  Michael couldn't help but 
feel a bit jealous: so far, N had rejected his advances.  He had a feeling 
she might be starting to warm up to him but he wondered if that wasn't 
wishful thinking on his part.
  "Alright let's go!" he said.  He opened up a portal for the three of them 
to fly through: he could have just teleported the three of them at will to 
the skies above Thai.lan but he thought this way looked a lot cooler.
  Having passed through the portal, our three heroes quickly spotted the 
jeep containing Captain Coredump, Plotchopper and Robgoblin.  They flew down 
to ground level in front of it.
  "This is almost too easy!" Moonfire claimed.  He shot out a moonbeam which 
caused Captain Coredump to instictively shield his eyes.  The jeep ran off 
the road and into a rice paddy.
  "You three have some explaining to do!" Michael threatened.
  Plotchopper got out of the jeep, raised his axe above his head and started 
walking over to Damien.  Robgoblin climbed aboard his goblin glider and flew 
towards Michael.
  "Your buddy talks too much!" Plotchopper said as he swung his axe at 
Damien.  When the axe struck Damien, it shattered like glass, with chucks of 
metal flying in all directions.  Michael put up a telekinetic shield to 
protect him from flying metal while Moonfire simply moved out of the way of 
any debris that flew his way.
  "What the--?!"
  "Yeah, well, we can't all be quite so articulate, can we?" he quiped.  
Damien simply shot his eye beams at Plotchoppers forehead.  The sudden 
intense pain caused Plotchopper to pass out.
  Meanwhile, Robgoblin found himself unable to control his glider: 
apparently one of the pieces of metal debris from Plotchopper's axe had cut 
right through the glider's control circuitry.  Michael mercifully used 
telekinesis to cushion Robgoblin's crash but the aging net.villain 
nevertheless passed out as soon as he hit the ground.
  Captain Coredump opened his eyes and saw Moonfire standing next to his 
jeep.  "What are you people?" he asked.
  "We're your worst nightmare!" Moonfire quiped.  A second moonbeam at close 
range caused Captain Coredump to pass out.
  "So that's it," Damien concluded.  "We can turn them over to Thai 
  "Except they haven't actually done anything yet, as far as we know," 
Michael reasoned.  "We can guess that they're here looking for Lagneto and 
that they're up to no good but that's no reason for the Thai authorities to 
arrest them."
  "Great!" Moonfire complained.  "So what have we accomplished here?"
  "What we can do is hold them on suspicion of conspiracy," Michael 
explained.  "It can't be a coincidence that they are here in Thai.lan just 
when LNH Europe was tipped off about Brotherhood activity here.  We can 
bring them back to LNHAHQ and interogate them.  We can then pass on any 
information that we learn that might be helpful to our friends in Europe."
  "That sounds like a plan," Damien said.
  "Yeah," Moonfire said, nodding in agreement.
  "Alright then, let's go!"  Michael placed his hands below his waist and 
them slowly raised them to shoulder height.  Our three heroes and the three 
net.villains they had just captured all disappeared.

NEXT: The senior members of LNH Europe track down Rumour Monger in LNH 
Europe 2020 #2.

Then, in LNH Asia #2, our heroes make short work of a Dorfian space ship 
sent to destroy them.  Is this the end of Boba LaRocque?


LNH Europe created by Kevin Wilcox.  Hamster Man, Rumour Monger, Captain 
Coredump and Plotchopper created by Raymond "wReam" Bingham.  Robgoblin 
created by Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes.  Brotherhood of Evil Net.Villains created 
by wReam and Drizzt.  Lagneto created by Jef Kolodziej.

LNH Asia, including Deja Dude, Deja Dude II, Utraman, Moonfire, N, Nimbo and 
Intuition Girl, all created by me.


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