[WWW] Artist needs help --

Clifford VanMeter quicktiming at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 9 15:38:42 PDT 2004

For several years I worked in SF and comics as an artist. Lately I've
been working as an Interactive Producer for an ad agency. A couple of
months ago I lost my job and the situation is getting a little dire.
In an effort to help ease the financial strain I've created a website
where I'm selling merchandise featuring my artwork (through Cafe

I'm not asking for a hand-out, only for people to help out by stopping
by the site and purchasing something they like. If you can't do that,
maybe you could spread the word about the site and the work available.

If anyone if looking for an artist on a for pay project, let me know.
Right now I'm willing to work pretty cheap.


Clifford VanMeter

Moderators -- I am going to be cross posting this message to as many
places as I can. Hope you understand.

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