[TEST] Transit City #1 excerpts

Byron D. Molix hikaruc at mchsi.com
Tue Apr 6 11:57:21 PDT 2004

	Without a moment's hesitation, he leapt clear of the custom-designed 
vtol mini-jet and began to fall toward the rooftop where he had heard 
the deal was going down.  A quick telempathic scan told him that people 
were inside, five distinct sets of emotions to be exact.  His eyes 
narrowed behind his cowl as he fell through the air, and drew himself 
up into a ball.  In seconds, he crashed down through the glass skylight 
and he was inside.

	Glass splintered everywhere but was turned away by his costume's deep 
padding.  His legs exploded behind him as he stretched his arms as wide 
as they would go.  A simple mental signal, picked up by miniscule 
circuitry embedded in his cowl, caused the glider wing assembly 
collapsed against his back to extend outward.  This was the first 
important bust he'd been on as the Falcon.  It didn't stop him from 
thinking of these men as fools.


	"So you see, Don Marscapelli, Oyabun Ito, I've taken care of the 
"Falcon problem," Dominic Rissetti said as he leaned back into his 
chair.  His little stint on the front page of the Transit City Times 
had been like blood in the water, and had drawn his two most powerful 
rivals to the table.  The far wall had been cleaned, as had the carpet 
beneath it.  You could hardly see the blood stains let alone the coffee.

	"Don Rissetti, with all due respect.  I fail to see how common hitmen 
will succeed against the Spectre of Transit City," said the elderly 
asian gentleman seated across from Dominic.  His dark eyes were cold 
steel and betrayed nothing of his thoughts, nor his purpose here at the 


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