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        Generation Zed, the New Class #3

                  New Genesis, Part I

2019.  The future.

  "Congratulations!  You've just finished another year at Net.ropolis 
  Doctor Johnny Stomper was addressing both classes of students at 
Net.ropolis Academy, both the Newer Mutants (Sonic, Ying, Yang, Lava, Tremor 
and Acraphobe) and Generation Zed (Whining Girl, Intuition Girl, N, Nimbo, 
Cheesecake Eater Lass and Token Boy).  Linguist Lass stood next to Doctor 
Stomper and tears welled in her eyes.
  "I'm sorry," she said, "but I won't be coming back in September.  My 
family and I are moving to Gen.eva and we're joining LNH Europe."
  "Thank you so much for teaching us, Ms. Klein!" Sonic said.
  "We will miss you!" Ying said.
  "You are a good teacher!" Yang told her.
  "Actually, Ms. Klein, we might not be here in September either," Sonic 
  "We are all thinking about going back to Thai.lan," Lava said.
  "We miss our home country," Tremor said.
  Acraphobe addressed Doctor Stomper.  "I know you wanted us all to become 
members of the LNH, Sir, but I don't think we're cut out to be net.heroes."
  Linguist Lass looked at N and Nimbo.  "What about you two?  Are you also 
going back to Thai.lan?"
  "We haven't decided," Nimbo said.
  "We _do_ want to be net.heroes but we also miss our home country," N told 
  "Please don't go!" Whining Girl whined.  "Please!"
  "Do you always have to whine like that?" Token Boy asked.
  "Do you always have to complain about her whining?" Cheesecake Eater Lass 
  "Maybe there's some way you can be net.heroes operating in Asia," Doctor 
Stomper suggested.
  "That's my cue," Deja Dude said.  He knew to be there right at that moment 
having written the story more than fifteen years ago.  "My son and I are 
forming LNH Asia.  We will be operating out of our home in C.bu.  We want to 
have members representing at least four Asian countries.  I would like N and 
Nimbo to come join us to represent Thai.lan and Intuition Girl, your mother 
was born in Taiwan so you can be our member representing Taiwan.  What do 
you say?  You can study here at Net.ropolis Academy for three more years or 
you can come join us in C.bu and become a net.hero right away."
  "I don't know," she said.  "This is all so sudden."
  "What does your intuition tell you?"
  "My gut reaction is to say it's a good deal!"
  "So you'll join us?"
  "I'll think about it."
  "Say, Deja Dude," Cheesecake Eater Lass said.  "Your son, N, Nimbo, 
Intuition Girl, that's only four members representing three countries.  Who 
else is joining the group?"
  "That won't be revealed until next issue," Deja Dude said with a smile and 
a wink.

  The original Generation Zed class (Organic Girl, Sarcastic Boy, Fan Girl, 
Irony Boy, Penultimate Ninja, VAMMO Girl and Major Marvel) were surprised to 
hear that the Newer Mutants were going back to Thai.lan.  They decided to 
stage a going away party for them in the ballroom of LNH HQ on the evening 
that they were planning to leave.  Fan Girl made a huge banner that said 
"Have a good trip!  We'll miss you!"  This prompted Sarcastic Lad to point 
out that, as Deja Dude will be teleporting them to Thai.lan, it wouldn't be 
much of a trip.  Several former members of Generation Y, now forming the 
core of the current LNH, pointed out to him that the last time Deja Dude 
took _them_ to Thai.lan they ended up getting stranded there because Deja 
Dude ended up dead at the time.  (See Generation Y #25 --Footnote Woman)
  "Has it really been two years already?" Organic Lass asked the collected 
Newer Mutants.
  "Yeah, it seems like only yesterday we were kicking your butts on account 
of you protecting Lagneto," Sarcastic Boy said.
  "Actually, from what I heard neither team got a chance to kick either 
teams butts because Lagneto used his lag to stop the fighting."
  "And who are you?"
  The young man went to shake Sarcastic Boy's hand.  "Call me Analysis.  I 
will be studying at Net.ropolis Academy starting in September.  I am the son 
of Out-of-it Lass, a member of the Misfits."
  "Never heard of you or her or them," Sarcastic Boy said.
  "I have the feeling we've already met," Irony Boy said crypticly.
  "Perhaps it was in another life... or another timeline," Analysis 
  "Perhaps," Irony Boy agreed.
  "Say hi to Michael for me when you get to C.bu!" VAMMO Girl said to Nimbo 
and N.
  "Michael?" Nimbo asked.
  "She is referring to Deja Dude's son," N told her.
  "Oh.  Alright."
  "You know, I'm going to miss having you around," Penultimate Ninja told 
  "Why... thank you."
  "I mean, if only we had more time, I would love to @#$% you in the @$$!"
  "Mark!" VAMMO Girl chided him.
  "I mean that is one fine @$$ you have there and--"
  "I thought Ultimate Ninja told you that if you want to become his 
successor then you have to give up swearing, alcohol and women!"
  Penultimate Ninja looked down at the beer he had in his hand.  "Well @#$%, 
it looks like it's too late to worry about alcohol and swearing so I might 
as well get laid tonight!  So how about it?"
  "Mark!"  VAMMO Girl raised her arms and was about to make her weapons 
appear when Penultimate Ninja backed down.
  "Hey!  It's okay!  I was only @#$%ing kidding!"

  The party continued on this way until, finally, Deja Dude arrived.
  "It's time," he said.
  Sonic, Ying, Yang, Lava, Tremor, Acraphobe, N, Nimbo and Intuition Girl 
followed Deja Dude to the lobby where they already had their bags packed and 
  "I'll take you all to Thai.lan and then, N, Nimbo, Intuition Girl, I'll 
take you on to C.bu!" Deja Dude said.
  "You told us that already," N said.
  "Yes, but I thought I'd clarify that for the readers so that when the 
story picks up next issue in C.bu they'll know what's going on!  Now, could 
everyone stand around their bags please?"
  Once everyone was in place, Deja Dude waved his hands.
  They all disappeared.



Newer Mutants (Sonic, Ying, Yang, Lava, Tremor and Acraphobe), Generation 
Zed (Whining Girl, Intuition Girl, N, Nimbo, Cheesecake Eater Lass, Token 
Boy, Organic Girl, Sarcastic Boy, Fan Girl, Irony Boy, Penultimate Ninja, 
VAMMO Girl and Major Marvel), Generation Y, Deja Dude and Linguist Lass all 
created by me.  Lagneto created by Jef Kolodziej.  
All-Knowing-Last-Chance-Whining-Destiny Woman, VAMMO Woman and Ultimate 
Ninja created by wReam, Organic Lass was created by Rebecca Drayer, Pocket 
Man and Sarcastic Lad created by Gary St. Lawrence, Irony Man created by 
Doug Moran, Fan Boy created by Jamas Enright, Token Girl created by Johanna 

Johnny Stomper was created by Josh Geurick.  He's the nephew of Doctor 
Stomper created by T. M. Neeck.

Analyis created by Lalo Martins.  Used with permission.  Out-Of-It Lass and 
the other Misfits created by Jennifer Whitson.

LNH Europe concept by Kevin Wilcox.


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