[NNTP] Adding A Quota Command to NNTP

Samuel Kleiner ulterior.org at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 14:41:02 PST 2007

On Feb 23, 2007, at 5:05 AM, Ade Lovett wrote:

(I've added this objection to draft 01, I hope you don't mind)

> However, the real deal breaker as I see it is that such an NNTP- 
> based quota mechanism is only going to work for folks with direct  
> accounts.

If the ISP really wanted to offer this extension and didn't want to  
require NNTP authentication(which would be the best way), I suppose  
the ISP and NSP could concievably WAN in the outsourced NSP server  
inside the ISP DHCP local address space.

I would think that the real problem with outsourced customers would  
be that the NSP has to be told about each user's quota renewal time.

> Those that get access to Usenet via a corporate outsourced  
> agreement with an NSP are not going to have that data available to  
> them.

But if outsourced customers have individual news quotas (as opposed  
to total bytes used), it is not the ISP that enforces them, but the  
NSP, right? As long as outsourced customers have to log in, the quota  
data should be available to the NSP.

It is suboptimal for the ISP to be the quota enforcer for an  
outsourcing agreement, because they only know when someone is  
communicating with the NSP when it is done over their network, and  
not when the user is traveling.

> Conveniently ignoring privacy issues for a second, think about how  
> it would work where the method of authentication is purely IP- 
> based, where the ISP is handing out DHCP addresses.
> With only the IP address to go on, how are quotas handled by the NSP?

> Does the ISP (who would be able to map an IP address to a specific  
> customer based on DHCP lease) have to put in a suitable proxy in  
> order to provide this information?

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