[NNTP] Adding A Quota Command to NNTP (internet-draft)

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 5 20:27:33 PST 2007

Samuel Kleiner <ulterior.org at gmail.com> writes:

> Internet-Draft                               S. Kleiner,sam at ulterior.org
> Intended status: Standards Track                      February 5th, 2007
> Expires: August 5th, 2007

>                     Adding A Quota Command to NNTP
>              draft-kleiner-adding-quota-command-to-nntp-00

Interesting.  I can't evaluate the general usefulness of this, since I'm
not at all involved in the binary or commercial provider world where this
is more common, but from a protocol perspective it seems like a reasonable

I would use full keywords rather than single letters for the types of
quota; it's more extensible.

This does raise a different question of whether there should be some way
for the server to return timeout and maximum article size configuration,
although that's not quite the same problem and probably shouldn't use the
same command.

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