ietf-nntp Management changes for the NNTPEXT working group

Clive D.W. Feather clive at
Fri Jan 31 12:20:05 PST 2003

ned+ietf-nntp at said:
> I'd like to thank Stan for the work he has put in over years on both the
> management of the group and as a document editor.

I'd like to second this.

> It may take a bit of time for our new chair and document editor to get up to
> speed so please be patient as this happens. Thanks.

So that people know what's going on, here's what I'm doing (with Russ's

(1) I have taken draft 15, changed only the boilerplate, and submitted it
as draft 16. This at least gets us an active I-D again.

(2) I will now take the various material I have to hand (draft 16, Stan's
latest version, mine and Russ's notes) and produce a second draft using my
editing toolset. I will submit that as draft 17 without passing it by the
list first.

(3) We will then be able to use draft 17 as the base for ongoing work.

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