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Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Jun 27 15:42:49 PDT 2002

Charles Lindsey <chl at> writes:

> I don't think we can alter that situation, but I would like the LIST
> EXTENSIONS to be able to indicate which headers it could cope with, by
> allowing a parameter in its response, e.g.
>     [S] HDR ALL
>     [S] HDR header1,header2,header3

> Then a smart client that wanted to find all occurrences of the X-FOOBAR
> header could use the response to the LIST EXTENSIONS to determine whether
> X-FOOBAR would work with HDR, and if not it could automatically fall back
> to calling the HEAD command on every article.

Why not simply try and see if you get a 503 response from HDR?

> The same applies to the namespaces for byte count and lines.

If anyone cares about namespaces in HDR, now's the time to write up some
text.  I'm very willing to include such text either at this point or for
the next draft, but I don't have time or interest enough to write it

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