ietf-nntp Where are we at?

Stan O. Barber sob at
Wed Jun 26 01:21:52 PDT 2002

Okey, I have reviewed all the items on your web site. Here are the ones I
think are ok without discussion:



027 with the additional comment that OVER and LIST OVERVIEW.FMT both must be
implemented if either is.
I would also note that some wording on how to clarify the whole issue of
LIST and its relatives would be welcome. There
was the suggestion that some wording might help, but I didn't see any.



034 (RFC 1939 influenced how I organized the NNTP document. I chose another
RFC that the IESG approved as a template for this document and that was the
RFC I chose. I will add clarifying text to the draft if that remains
confusing for people to figure out.)



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