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Charles Lindsey chl at
Fri Jun 21 12:51:29 PDT 2002

In <20020620144326.GA66232 at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE> Robert Schuettler <rober at> writes:

>It would be easiest to just go ahead with the current wording. We can't
>really wait for NNTP Ext to reach RFC status to refer to it from within
>the NAS document as the project supporting the work on NAS (DFN-CIS)
>will be running out at the end of next month. It will be much harder to
>put in time and people after that - which is why we were hoping to
>reach RFC status within the running project (it would also look nice in
>our final report ;). It would be nice to be able to give people at
>least an approximate date for the RFC status.

There are still some issues regarding the HDR command. I had hoped to put
in some work on this but, as you may have observed, things are getting a
little busy on the Usefor list just now :-( .

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