ietf-nntp New HDR text (with metadata)

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Aug 26 09:42:08 PDT 2002

Maurizio Codogno <puntomaupunto at> writes:
> Russ:

>> The underlying theory of the metadata headers is that they would
>> contain a colon somewhere in the name,

> oops... I forgot it. I should re-read all the draft, I fear. But this
> means that it is redundant to talk about metadata in the paragraph,
> right?

The reason why it's mentioned again there is that there's likely to be
confusion over what HDR lines does, since there's a lot of confusion over
what XHDR lines does between different servers.  So it's important to
clarify that it always operates on the lines header, never on the lines
overview data.

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