ietf-nntp New HDR text (with metadata)

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Aug 26 08:54:39 PDT 2002

Maurizio Codogno <puntomaupunto at> writes:

>>  The header content is in all cases taken from the article.  This means
>>  that, for example, a request for the header "Lines" returns the contents
>>  of the "Lines" header of the specified articles, if any, not the line
>>  count metadata or any other server-generated value.

> This would mean that a person adding ad-hoc headers in her articles could
> foul the server asking for metadata. Is it advisable?

The underlying theory of the metadata headers is that they would contain a
colon somewhere in the name, such as line:count or :lines, which makes it
impossible for them to conflict with any regular header in the article.

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