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Stan O. Barber wrote:

> What is more to the point, is to ask why a sender is offering the
> same article on two channels?  It seems to me that the sending
> processes have an interlocking problem: they should not offer the
> same article to the same peer at the same time.  I think this could
> be defined as a bug, and probably should be included in the NNTP
> "Best Practices" document.

suppose I have multiple feeds from different machines and the NNTP
listening processes communicate with each other about which article
they are currently receiving. in this case one NNTP-listener may be
receiving the 400MB gif image, and (in an ideal world) I don't want
another NNTP listener to accept the same article right now. However
If the current transfer fails I'd like to be offered the article
later on from a different source.


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