ietf-nntp Mention port 433 in draft?

Jonathan Grobe grobe at
Mon Sep 15 23:08:52 PDT 1997

>From the draft:
> When running over TCP/IP, the official port for the
> NNTP service is 119.

There was recently a thread in

            Re: proposal: separate ports for xfer and client access
>From           markd at (Mark Delany)

c.c.eiftj at (Rahul Dhesi) writes:

>Brief proposal:  We need separate port numbers for nntp xfer access
>and nntp client access.

It's been done. It's been allocated. It's:

nnsp            433/tcp         usenet          # Network News Transfer

NNTP remains as the reader port (obviously).

Should a comment be added somewhere mentioning port 433?

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