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Stan Barber sob at
Fri Sep 5 11:55:55 PDT 1997

> In message "ietf-nntp Another draft update", 'sob at' writes:
> >A new version of the NNTP spec document has been submitted to Internet
> >Drafts. This version only has minor changes to clean up some of the small
> >mistakes in the one released on September 1st. The changes are:
> I notice that you haven't applied any of the fixes for AUTHINFO GENERIC -
> it's not just the return codes in the transition section.  The transaction
> (aside from the return codes) is simply not right.

Yes, changes in the AUTHINFO GENERIC section have not been made yet. That's
why they were not noted in the things that changed.

> Is this coming later?

There are changes planned for the AUTHINFO GENERIC section in a future release
of this document. Hopefully, that will come next week. 

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